December 30, 2019 Luxury Women's Shoes – A Fashion Statement 

While some people see shoes as a finishing touch to a wardrobe, other women see shoes as a central element of any outfit. These women invest in quality, luxury women's shoes to not only add versatility to their wardrobe but to also feel amazing where ever they go.

While most women would love to have a closet full of luxury women's shoes, there are a few basic shoe styles that provide the ideal fashion statement with any wardrobe selection. If you are getting started in building a collection of designer shoes, here are the shoe options that offer the greatest versatility while still providing a luxurious look and feel.

A Pair of Flats 

Flats are the ideal shoe that can go from casual and day to day wear to a more sophisticated style for professionals or for evening wear. When choosing flats, consider your go-to color favorites, and coordinate the choice of flats with your wardrobe.

A Low Heel

A low heel often called a kitten-heel, is the ideal comfortable luxury shoe. Choose a slingback for a more daring and sexy look or a Mary Jane shoe that is extremely versatile for both work as well as an evening out.

Low heels are stylish when paired with short skirts, mid-length dresses, or even with designer jeans. Choosing a neutral color and pattern provides the greatest versatility. Keep in mind, luxury shoes can last for years, and they will become your go-to shoe option.

A High Heel

Perhaps the most iconic look of any shoe designer, including Andrea Gomez, is in the classic and sophisticated styles of high heels. These shoes are sleek, appealing, and come in a wide variety of heel heights and styles for any woman to wear with confidence and comfort.

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Luxury Women's Shoes – A Fashion Statement