The Brand

ANDREA GOMEZ is a global shoe line defined by modern femininity with respect for fine craftsmanship.

ANDREA GOMEZ was introduced in 2016 in collaboration with her two sisters Leonor and Mariela. Inspired by the designer’s international background and lifestyle. The elevated shoe range speaks to the modern woman, reflecting the natural beauty of Caracas, the style and attitude of New York City and the history and sophistication of Florence.

The collections — from casual boots to chic, wearable heels — are crafted with a meticulous hand from the highest quality materials produced in Italy. Defined by effortless luxury, the brand fuses innovation and elegance, embodying a fresh, nuanced perspective.

The Designer

Andrea Gomez found her way to shoemaking both accidentally and by design. Having grown up in a large family in Venezuela, Andrea was surrounded by nature’s beauty, extraordinary color and many incredibly refined and impressively stylish women. From a very young age, Andrea was drawn into and inspired by every detail of these stylish women, as well as the genuine beauty that surrounded her. She went off to study jewelry design in Florence Italy and found a deep respect for artisan craftsmanship and luxurious materials. She then transitioned to New York to continue her studies, but discovered she was focusing more on shoes, while studying jewelry and accessories design at FIT.  

Upon returning to Venezuela, footwear had taken a firm hold on Andrea’s heart and together with her two sisters, Leonor and Mariela, they decided to create a lifestyle brand of footwear designed by and made for women. The brand’s mission was to strike the right balance between trends and true lasting style, while combining three important points of reference: the femininity of Latin women, the style and attitude of New York and the quality and tradition of European craftsmanship. Their belief in quality, refinement and relatability form the DNA of the Andrea Gomez collection, launched in New York for Spring 2017. For Andrea, it has brought her full circle. Back to Florence, where she first fell in love with artisan craftsmanship, luxurious materials and how they can be transformed into beautiful objects.    

“Shoes have a certain magic about them. They combine my innate love of color, sculpture, luxurious materials, and respect for traditional artisan craftsmanship. But, they come to life when a woman tries them on and she has an emotional response to how it transforms her foot, then her posture and sometimes, even the way she feels about herself! What else can do that?” Andrea Gomez

The Stepping Up Project

Andrea Gomez founded the Stepping Up Project after an eye opening visit to Petare, Venezuela, one of the largest and most densely populated favelas in Latin America, covering an area nearly as large as Manhattan. As Venezuela suffers an ongoing humanitarian crisis, what is estimated to be 80% of its population currently live in poverty. The effects of this poverty are even more devastating for those living in favelas, where families frequently go hungry. During her visit to Petare, Andrea and her team had the opportunity to meet local activists who created lunch rooms, or “comedores”, in the Jose Felix Ribas section of Petare. These comedores provide free lunches to children enrolled in school. For many of these children, it is often their only meal of the day. Sadly, far too many children can’t be fed in the comedores, since they are unable to attend school due to not having shoes. This, Andrea and her team decided, is a problem they wished to address. 

The Stepping Up Project was born. 

Inspired by the community activism and spirit of Jose Felix Ribas, the team began searching for and to their surprise, discovered local cobblers Antonio Gonzalez and Johny Guillermo. Not only are these artisans capable of making shoes for the children, they also have the drive and determination to step up and inspire their community by sharing their craft.

Ours is a “pair for pair” mission. For every pair of Andrea Gomez shoes purchased online, a child in Petare will receive a pair of shoes in a backpack, so they can walk to school, begin their education, enjoy a decent meal and begin Stepping Up to a better life. 

We are grateful to our customers for Stepping Up and helping us promote education, enrich a community and advance the craft of shoemaking. 

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