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An Interview With Lorry Industries



1. How did you start your company? Tell us a little about yourself.

Like Andrea, I have always been involved with art and design from childhood.  My career began in the fine art field, working closely with galleries and museums. My expertise in the handling and transit of priceless artworks formed the ethos that guides our work today. My innovative art-related packing and shipping procedures became very important while working with design brands including Vitra, Artek, Moroso, Maharam and Herman Miller. Projects ranged from consulting and fulfilment to trade shows, showrooms and pop-up installations.  

While working for Moroso, the CEO introduced a friend with interest in launching a design-driven apparel brand. This became the driver that moved my company into serving a wide assortment of e-commerce brands including many that have blossomed in our care.


2. Tell us about your amazing team.

As a woman-owned business, I am proud to retain dedicated long-term employees who take a personal stake in the products and companies we represent. It is their care and commitment that sets us apart. Our team of women (and a few good men) go to great lengths to ensure a consistent high-touch customer experience from handwritten gift notes to ribbons and bows.  


3. What does your day-to-day look like?

Every day is different! We are currently housed in two locations with about 44,000 square feet of space with additional warehouse space now under construction to be ready in 2021.  We currently are assisting 15 brands -- all getting ready for Holiday 2020, so there are incoming shipments arriving from all over the world with our clients amazing products! I still always make time to meet with each member of our team each day, to assure every outgoing shipment has the “Lorry” touch!


4. How has your day-to-day changed during this crazy locked down year?

My company was deemed essential early on, so we have worked every day to assure our clients products were shipped on time. We have, of course, added additional protocols for the safety of our team, but we have the luxury of a lot of space easily distancing us while we work.  It has been very challenging at times, but it has also been amazing to watch some of our brands that have seen great success through their positive messaging! 


5. What is something you think people should know about Andrea Gomez?

Upon our first meeting, as she was just beginning with her brand in the US, I was surprised to see her incredible level of professionalism and her sharp focus on every design detail; shape, form, fit, and materials. But more than this, her work is a portrait of the woman she is, beautiful, elegant, chic, and empowered!

Andrea has designed the special shoe boxes, the tissue overlays, the dust bags, and every tiny detail that make these shoes so incredibly special. We are honored to tie all the ribbons and pack every box, so her vision arrives perfectly to every Andrea Gomez customer!


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