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Drawing Inspiration from Villa Planchart


Villa Planchart by Gio Ponti: An Icon of Mid-Century Modern Design

Villa Planchart was designed in the 1950’s by one of the most influential design visionaries of the 20th century, Gio Ponti, for art collector couple Anala and Armando Planchart. Ponti was a Milanese architect-designer who designed everything from tableware to furniture, skyscrapers to hotels. He also founded the magazine Domus, which shaped postwar Italian design and facilitated its success all over the world.

The villa is filled with furniture specifically designed for the space; its sofas, consoles, chairs, and shelves - designed by Ponti with Cassina, Giordano Chiesa, Singer & Sons, and Altamira - are all intentionally placed in the villa, and accompanied by the Planchart couple’s art collection. 

All materials, including the carpentry, marble, and custom furniture, were shipped from Italy to Venezuela by boat.

Sitting on a hill overlooking Venezuela's capital, the home remains completely intact to this day. Although the villa has been uninhabited since Anala’s death in 2004, it is managed by the family and open to visitors.

*All images of Villa Planchart were sourced from Gio Ponti’s magazine, Domus.


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